The PGME Council is mandated to advance a socially accountable PGME system in Canada, in line with the Future of Medical Education in Canada Post-Graduate (FMEC PG) recommendations, working together in an ongoing collegial and coordinated manner to address a breadth of issues, notably those that cannot be resolved at other tables, including sensitive, controversial and often difficult issues.

The PGME Council makes recommendations and provides direction to the stakeholders on the subsequent implementation of such recommendations. There will be internal decisions that the PGME Council will also take to ensure it works effectively. To support its work, the PGME Council may form working groups to address specific issues and advise the PGME Council. The PGME Council may also form advisory committees to provide nonbinding stakeholder-specific perspectives on issues of concern. PGME Council member representatives also have a responsibility to communicate and confer with the broader PGME community to support its purpose and mandate, including issue identification and validation of proposed courses of action.

PGME Council member representatives are also responsible for selecting a Chair, normally for a term of 3 years, exclusive of previous terms served on the PGME Council as a member.